Friday, November 16, 2012

Be The One - Are You A Match?

Meet Kelptyn. He is the happiest baby you will ever meet. With everything that he has gone through, he finds a way to smile, giggle and let his parents know he is okay and that he's going to get through this, with them by their sides.
Tomorrow Mr, Baby Fox and I are walking in the Be The One Run, a fundraiser for Bone Marrow awareness and funds to help patients, for one of my good friend/ college roommate's son Kelptyn. Kelptyn is only 1 month younger then Baby Fox. He was diagnosed with a rare bone disorder called Osteopetrosis, a disease in which his bones harden and become more dense. The ONLY cure is a bone marrow transplant. He's gone through two to date, usually unheard of and many many surgeries and procedures. Just a few short weeks ago, they were told that the second transplant didn't look like it was working, but Kelptyn kept fighting and it's paying off! It looks like the bone marrow is here to stay the second time around! He's such a happy guy and we're all praying for his miracle. You can find his story written by his Mom and Dad here:
If you aren't a donor, think about putting yourself in the database. It's easy, and can potentially save a life. All you have to do is fill out the registry form and when you join the registry they will send you a registration kit to give a swab of cheek cells. That's it, and then you just wait. I've been on the registry for 15 years, yep, I signed up in high school. What are you waiting for, go do it!
Here is the first time we met Kelptyn, he was just 2 month old.
(please excuse the tired, messy hair, barely put together new moms)

Our pregnant bellies

(why do i slouch so much?!)
Think of us this weekend and send a little prayer out to Kelptyn for his miracle and to his parents to give them the strength they need to continue this fight for their little man.

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  1. Aw, wow. I will be thinking of your friends and their baby!

    xo, Yi-chia
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