Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something I CANNOT Do

That's right folks, there is something that for the life of me, no matter how many times I try, I cannot seem to grasp the concept. I try again and again and nope, just doesn't work out for me. Mr. always says, you're such a great cook and you can't do the simplest of things. You're wondering what it is? I burn things...a LOT. When I say a lot I mean at least once a week, if not twice, three or four times, sometimes it happens in a single night. Bread is the worst for me. I can not seem to get toast right. Examples of things that I burned in the last 2 weeks alone.

Remember these cookies I made for Halloween? Yep I burned a whole batch of them, and I don't even have the excuse as, it was the first batch, because it was the first and the second batch.

And this sandwich I made? Yep, I just took a picture of the other side, did you notice how you couldn't see the top of the bun? Yep it was because I burned the tops and bottoms of them and didn't want to start over.

Then there is just the bread, I wanted a french loaf dipped in olive oil...and then I burned the outside...twice, wait no make that three times in one night.

 (I did eat this piece of bread above, without cutting out the burnt parts, and I liked it)
My mom says, you know if you eat burnt bread it means that you don't value yourself and you deserve better than burnt bread. I tell her, no mom it's a necessity, if I didn't eat burnt bread I would starve...literally, I just took pictures of things I burned in two weeks, imagine how much I burn in a month? Bottom line I have learned to eat burnt bread out of necessity, and it's getting to the point where it's weird if I'm not eating burnt bread. Granted the bread burning business has been slowing down a bit since we got a's that darn toaster oven I trust it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME that it's going to cook my bread to perfection, only to have my running towards the toaster oven yelling, My Toast, My Toast! 

Don't worry, Baby Fox doesn't eat burnt bread...although he doesn't like bread in general so for now, he's safe...I think I need to slow down and stop multi-tasking while cooking anything that involves the toaster oven and I should be good. Although, what's my excuse for bacon? Darn.


  1. Oh friend. Trust me. This is nothing. I have made about 5 things in my entire life; 4 of which I burnt and the other one I accidentally put in about twice as much oil as it called for. At least you keep trying! I've given up completely. :)

  2. we all have burnt things at one time or another, i recently burnt an apple pie it was upsetting that pie took me forever, cook down the apples, freeze the pie crust i was bummed all night long

  3. Ah, it happens, but I hope you get a hang of that toaster oven soon :)