Friday, November 2, 2012

Meet My Personal Trainer

Now that Halloween is over everyone knows that the holidays come at a fast pace whirl wind speed. Between Thanksgiving in a few weeks, Christmas shopping and parties to attend there isn't much time to work out.  So I thought I would introduce you to my lean, mean, drill sergant of a trainer.

Meet Baby Fox
Frequently he says to me..." mama". It's like he knows when I'm being lazy and need someone to kick my butt into gear. Bob is the type of stroller that we own, it's awesome for those that don't have one, it can go on sand with no problems. Anyway, he runs to grab the Bob and then points to the front door. If that doesn't say, you need to workout I'm not sure what does.
then while we're out, if I start walking for too long, he says...Run Mama! or he'll say...1,2,3 GOOOOO, meaning run you little tail off mama... Then he giggles when I do start running, which gives me even more motivation. Geez this little guy sure knows how to motivate a mama to run.
Them comes his workouts with Dada...
I think this picture explains it all...he says..UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, extra 23 pounds of weight while doing push ups...yep, that's a good workout.
and of course doing hand weights, not hard enough, he needs to lift your foot off the ground to make it just a little harder...something you wouldn't do on your own right? But when he's telling you to do it, then by're going to do it.

 So that's how we plan to stay in shape this holiday season...what are your plans?


  1. This is too cute! I might be more motivated to work out if I had such an adorable trainer!