Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend Recap

Okay, let's try this again...


Our weekend started on Thursday, so that's where I'll start. Mr. had the day off, he had a music conference he was going to, and thought it was all day Thursday, but it turns out it was just check in after 5:30, but he had already taken the day off so he spent it with Baby Fox. When I get home, this is what I see from their day....

Swim stuff, clothes on the downstairs bathroom sink.

Colton's soaking wet clothes, along with some more swim stuff, in our bathroom upstairs

 And last but not least, Lion...looking like he went through war and back, and sopping wet, don't let that smile fool you, he was wet as wet could be. (so the story goes, Colton was excited for Dada to be home, and he was waving Lion around, wanting Mr. to play puppet with him, but Dada was eating a BBQ sandwich for lunch first and Baby Fox was waving the lion around, saying "Lion, Dada, Lion Dada" when all of a sudden, Lion went flying and landed right in the extra BBQ sauce that Mr had set aside)

Baby Fox went to grab some Persian food, Kabobs...yum!, and the lady working there thought Baby Fox was so cute that she gave him a cement truck...Baby Fox wouldn't let the thing go, and played with it all weekend.

He thought Mama's legs made for a good road.

And then we had to put the truck to sleep because Baby Fox wanted it in his bed with him

 (In case you wanted to know, Truck has already gone to Truck Heaven, Baby Fox, literally loved it to death)


I put Baby Fox to bed with his sleep sack on...when I went to get him, he had figured out the zipper, zipped it down, and off...sneaky little guy!

He was really happy to see me, so much so that he was bouncing all around and took a header into the side of the crib...which resulted in...

Needing the "owie turtle"

 Don't worry he's since recovered and the big red bump he had on his forehead went away by family picture time on Sunday.


I taught Colton how to make eggs...

 (Mr. wanted me to tell you, that we don't normally dress our kid in mismatched clothes, he wanted to wear this short sleeved PJ set, but it was too cold, for Cali standards, for him to wear that to bed, so I threw on a long sleever shirt over it and some socks)

After breakfast Baby Fox inspected what was under the fridge...he was convinced something was under there.

Saturday night we went to visit my junior high school friends. I'm so happy that even though our lives are busy and we're starting to have kids, that we can still find time to get together and share all of these life milestones together.

 (The girl on the far left, I've been friends with/known her since Kindergarten, that's 28 years of friendship right there)

Baby Fox was great at showing the younger kids the "ropes"
(the kids are 4.5 months and 3.5 months, yep Baby Fox is just that small, the one on the right only has to gain 9 pounds before he's all caught up to Baby Fox)


(Left) Every morning Baby Fox gets 3 oz of prune juice, and lately he's been wanting it warm. I'll give you a second to let that sink in...warm prune juice, what is he 90?                                                                 
(Right) Baby Fox is showing Mama what he wants for breakfast, now that he's figured out how to open it. Don't judge what I have in the fridge, it's random I know. That pot up there is me being lazy, didn't want to put it in Tupperware, haha! 

We took some family pictures, which will be revealed at a later time and date. Plus we haven't gotten them back yet. I can say that the pictures are going to be awesome, just think, Baby Fox in a tux, cuteness overload! After the pictures Dada and Baby Fox spent some quality time watching football, Da Bears were playing, Mr.'s team. Gotta start them young!

One last thing, Baby Fox thinks he needs to keep his arm up when carrying something over his shoulder...

(Ignore the mess that I call my family room please)

And that was my weekend. I'm in training all week for work, fun times. Wish me luck that I don't die of boredom, it happens you know.

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  1. oh goodness what a story!! and he is such a cutie by the way!