Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sugar Coma

Hope you are all recovering from Halloween last night. I took the rest of the week off to recover. We went over to a friends house for dinner and some trick-or-treating. It was a ton of fun.

This was us last year

And now this year

Yep that's right one of us had another baby in the mean time, and another one of us is pregnant and it's not me...=)

This year was more fun because the kids could walk and really get into going trick-or-treating. I had to buy this bag for Baby Fox...his girlfriend got the same bag, yep they really had their names embroidered on it.

When we got to this house, this guy decided to serenade us with "Monster Mash" the kids loved it!

And these people own a hotdog stand so they were giving out free hotdogs and popcorn.

People went all out on decorations too...

Some of us couldn't hack it and fell asleep...

Our little trick-or-treaters

And then when we got back we tried to get a group shot...easier said than done.

Then there was sword fighting, Dragon vs. Knight


 It was a great night with lots of candy, can't wait for next year!