Thursday, November 29, 2012

Resale Boutiques

When we were in Santa Barbara last week we went to Down Town State Street and I walked into my very first Resale Boutique called The Closet. I've always wanted to go to one, but never knew of a good one to go to. I think I hit the jackpot on my first try.

I scored this awesome fake leather jacket for $36! Make me feel like no one is going to mess with me and better get out of my way when you see my walking down the street.

This jacket didn't get to see outside of the hotel, but I still wanted to wear it as soon as we got back to the hotel. I'm just glad that I happen to have things in my suitcase that would work with this jacket. Score for me!

Dress- Old Navy, Boots - DSW, Tights - Loehmann's, Jacket - The Closet (can't remember the brand, it wasn't something that I had heard of before), Jewelry - Forever 21

Randomly there was also a receipt in the jacket pocket dated to summer of 2010, it was the jacket owners birthday and she went to a bar. Always makes you wonder, who owned what you're wearing, what has it been through, and what are those people doing now? In any case, I love my new jacket and can't wait to find other outfits to pair this jacket with.

So what's your favorite resale boutique? I might just be hooked.

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