Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Taking a little blogger break to spend time with the family for the rest of the week.

I'm thankful for my family.

My husband who's my rock and supports me in everything that I do. Who can make me laugh when I'm sad, and knows when he needs to be serious. Just makes the day better just knowing I get to come home to him. When I see him with our son it makes me love him even more than I knew possible.

My Son

When he yells "Mama, Mama, Mama" and when I look over at him, he says "hi", makes my heart melt every single time. He gives me reason to want to be a better person, to do everything in my power to make him happy, and to hear his little giggle. I would do anything to hear him giggle. Everyday I am thankful for him to be in my life and to be able to call him my son.

My Parents

Who couldn't have children of their own, so they opened their home to adoption. I am thankful they were my family, I got a good one. Who show by example of what love really is. Who would do and still does anything and everything for me and my siblings. I love that I was able to give them a grandchild that they love like their own. People who I can talk about anything with and I know who will listen and give advice to the best of their knowledge.

My Siblings:

No matter how much we fight we always love each other. Who I can call at any time to just chat and we can make each other laugh. Who I have so many inside jokes with we can have whole conversations with. The people who know me though everything I've been through and have been there supporting me in everything that I've decided to. To my brother who cried the first time he saw me being a Drum Major in high school. To my sister who has showed my left sided brain to have fun and who can tell one hell of a story.

My Cousins

That no matter what we can get through anything. We always love each other and now that we're adults we can plan a get together and have fun with each other without our parents having to organize it for us. I'm so thankful for all of my cousins and knowing that you can call any one of them and have them by your side if you need them. *

*not all cousins are present

I'm also thankful for all of the second cousins (or as we call them nephews and nieces). I'm so happy that Baby Fox will have so many cousins to play with.

*not all cousins are pictured

Great Grandma

I'm thankful for my grandma and Baby Fox's Great Grandma. She's 88 and is one strong person and can overcome anything. She's sick right now, but is staying positive and loving every second that she can get with her great grandchildren, and is currently waiting for great grandchild number 7.

What are you thankful for?
Happy Thanksgiving!
Now go out and eat a lot of food!

I'll be in a food coma for the next few days so I'll see you next week!

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