Monday, February 27, 2017

3 Tips to Getting Me Time

Hello Foxy Friends. If you are coming from The Blended Blog, welcome! So glad that you stopped by. Today I'm talking about how I get some me time, sometimes it seems selfish, but I like to think of it as, if I don't get some me time then I'm not going to be the best mother that I can be.

| ONE |

Three words, Mom's Nights Out. I live for these. I have a group of friends that try to get together once a month or every 6 weeks or so. Hard with everyone's schedules. We usually do a Thursday night, those always seem to work out the best. But seriously chatting about beauty, make up, kids (sort of), what's going on in life, it's great to catch up and not have to wipe someone's nose or talk over screaming kids.


It's really a great excuse to dress up a little and put on a full face, cause really when do we really do that?

| TWO |

This little blog space of mine. Although I do talk about my kids a LOT, it's time that I sit down at my computer and talk about anything that I want to. Whatever is on my mind at the time. Plus I have met a lot of great ladies. Like all of the ladies over at The Blended Blog. I cannot wait to see/meet some more of them in real life in May. This is from Vegas last year...and we've been talking about our May meet up for over a year!

We did lots of shopping

Laughing and eating, I'm sure that May will be no different and we're adding a bunch more TBB'ers.

| Three |

Exercise. If you have been around for a while then you all know that I exercise. Last week, I shared how much I really hate working out, but in reality, it does make me feel better when I am having a bad day. Sort of run/lift out the anger. I used to feel super guilty having the kids with someone else all day and then get home to have them go to the gym daycare. But when I really thought about it, this is for me, this is what makes me feel good about myself. Sometimes when I have a bad day at work, it helps to clear my head and let's me restart my thinking away from work so I can be a better mother for the kids. Plus it lets me eat that brownie I really need after a tough day, who's with me?

Now hop on over to Deena to see how she makes time for herself as a busy mom of 2.

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