Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sentence A Day: January Edition

1 - Unplanned slumber parties are fun.

2- Rose Parade on a Monday? What?

3- Don't make me go to work.

4- Zombies are after me!


5- I am in such a bad mood...grrr....

6- Mini Fox's first ballet class, cutest thing EVER

7- Tent making is always a win in our house.

8- Finally got to use our smoker...although I think we need to learn how to use it.

9 - The house is a mess...

10 - Random day off is the best!

11 - R.I.P.P.E.D to the core for the win.

12 - More rain...

13 - Lots of play dates today, yay!

14 - Bowling with friends is fun!

15 - Meeting a new baby, ALMOST makes me want another one.

16 - Do the kids ever go to school?

17 - Doesn't everyone always watch Frozen in an Elsa dress and fake hair?

18 - My new phone ring light came, woo hoo!

19 - Uh oh, another package, of course I need new shoes.

20 - Date night with friends, always fun!

21 - Birthday parties, dinner with family makes for a perfect day.

22 - It poured for 8 hours straight, that's just crazy.

23 - Mr. is so sick, poor guy.

24 - Yep never going to Korean BBQ every again.

25 -'s cold outside!

26 - MNO, woo hoo!

27 - Uh oh, so many dr. appointments today.

28 - Palm Springs with the bestie!

29- Impromptu pool date at the gym, gotta love this weather and 4 dresses one towel. (she only let me take pictures of these two)


30- Beautiful end of life celebration.

31- Feeling awful today at the gym, but Baby Fox wanted to go to Karate, so I walked on the treadmill, I went 3 miles in 50 minutes...SO SLOW!

Alright your turn, it's February 2nd, so join us next month on March 2nd!

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