Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Keeping My Marriage Strong

Linking up with Shay and Erica for Workin' It Wednesday, today's topic is Keeping your Marriage Strong. I love this topic and talking relationships, so much so that I've done a whole series on it, not entirely sure if I'm done with the series, but for now I am, anyone have any topics they want me to cover?

Anyway, I also did a post over on The Blended Blog on 5 Ways To Be a Better Spouse.

A quick recap of that post:

One: Chose To Love
Two: It Takes Two To Spend Money
Three: Fight Fair
Four: Blessings
Five: 100/100

I really liked that post, it was about the things that Mr. and I do to make us a better spouse, which in turns makes our marriage stronger. Those things that I mentioned are more long term things, so I thought today I would share some of our daily things that makes our marriage stronger.

| ONE |

I know this won't work for some, but for us our time is after the kids go to bed. We need at least an hour after they go to bed to unwind and relax and talk about our day together. We have our shows that we watch together, and that's what we do, we talk during commercial breaks, although mostly we skip through those, so we actually pause the show and say hey you know what...fill in with random thought here. 

This picture has nothing to do with watching tv, I just thought it was cute and it was taken just before bed
| TWO |

We do things as a family. I know this sounds weird for keeping our marriage strong, but really our kids are so important to us, and when we really think about it, we would much rather spend time with them then anything else. That's why after they go to bed is so important because that's our time.


This seems so weird to keeping your marriage strong, but really this works for us. We have our own time. He likes to play video games and having time to himself. When I met Mr. he had been living on his own for 7 years, so he valued his alone time. Usually it's during the kids nap time. He goes to his office, I stay down stairs and we really just do our own thing. Now that Baby Fox doesn't do nap time, we still send him to his room for some down time, no electronics, just him time, to play think, rest do what he wants in his room. I think everyone sort of needs to reset their brain and not talk to anyone.

What's better than blogging and watching Vampire Diaries? I know, I still watch it, I'm too invested to not watch it.

So that is 3 things that we do to make our marriage stronger. I'm looking forward to see what everyone else does to keep their marriage strong.


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