Sunday, February 5, 2017

Month In Numbers: January Edition

Today I'm linking up with Deena for my month in numbers. I love looking back at each month like this, you should try it too! The link up isn't technically until tomorrow. If you want to see my previous months, click here.

970 - The number of text messages I sent (according to AT&T)

1935 - The number of miles I drove, that doesn't include all of the miles to and from the grocery store, just the ones to work and to random things on the weekend.

20 - The number of selfies I took

1 - Mom's Night Out, so much fun seeing these ladies, need another one on the calendar STAT!

27 - The number of hours I got away to spend with my bestie in Palm Springs. The drive was gorgeous with all of the green hills and snow peaking mountains behind.

6 - the number of hours we spent at the hotel Spa

Sunglasses are borrowed from Mr...but I'm thinking they probably look better on me than him, so I should take them right?

Lipstick is Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in Spice

4 - The number of allergy shots I got

4 - The number of ballet classes that Mini Fox had and LOVED

1 - The number of Birthday parties we went to.

96 - How old my grandmother was before she passed away. I am happy that she has moved on and is now with my grandpa who died 30+ years ago. She is in a better place then she was here and is no longer in pain and is no longer suffering.

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