Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day Outfit

Happy Wednesday Foxy friends! Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I just found out on Monday that I have to travel for work next week, during Valentine's Day, does work have no heart? Boo! Anyway, I'm still going to show you what I would have worn on Valentine's Day...although we don't usually go out on that day anyway, and currently we did an early celebration and are away for the week sans kids...I'll let that sink kids! It's never happened, okay maybe once, but usually it doesn't.

I'm wearing the same top from this outfit. In case you are wondering, I'm wearing this adhesive* bra. I love it way more than a regular strapless bra, mostly because I'm not having to tug it up all night long, me and regular strapless bras do not get along! If you are bigger chested then this one* will work better for you.

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A casual, side swept ponytail with a twist. Cause just a regular ponytail would be boring right?

Adding twists makes it more fun right?

Really starting to see those gray hairs...going to have to eventually start dying my hair...please say it isn't so, no one has time for that!

In case you are wondering the lip color is Wolfie by ColourPop, have you heard of them, super affordable make up, this lipstick was only $6. I may or may not have bought 6 lipsticks on my first order.

It's a skirt with pockets, what's better than pockets? Pretty much nothing.

And because I'm weird and was doing funny pictures to see if any of them came out (seriously you should see how many I take and how many I never use, and just delete...this one is pretty good I think. Happy Valentine's Day friends!

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