Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Faux Leather Jacket

One of my best blogger buds, Lisa from Daily Style Finds,  also a fellow The Blended Blogger, gave me this jacket. Like what? How did I get so lucky? Such an amazing friend and so generous. Anyway, it's from Forever 21, and it's sort of edgy/awesome/warm/awesome...did I mention awesome? Thank you Lisa for the jacket.

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Exact is not available but here are some similar here and here (in blue, cream and black).

I love the side detailing of the jacket.

There are so many ways that you can zip up the jacket, can change the whole look just how you zip it up.

A little half zip for you. Those buckles at the bottom, so darn cute.

If you are wondering, which you're probably not, fake eyelashes are these and my lip color is the Kylie Cosmetic Lip Kit in Leo.

I tried on several necklaces, but because of all of the zipper details, I thought I would go with some great earrings.

This is definitely something outside of my comfort zone, so thank you Lisa for pushing me to try something new, and hey guess what? I like it!  What have you tried outside of your comfort zone lately?

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