Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites #89

Happy Friday Foxy Friends!  We made it, for whatever reason this week was a little slow for me...but we're at the weekend now and I know it's just going to zoom by, don't all weekends seem to do that? As always here are some things that have been my favorites this week.

In case you missed it on the blog this week:

Monday : Let's Talk - Entertainment
Tuesday: Styled By Someone Else - I let my kids, Mr. and Sister pick what I wear
Wednesday: Dreamer
Thursday: Monster Wreath Tutorial

Some pictures in my life lately...

Last week I took my first AMP cycle...who knew you could actually do pushups on the bike while riding...holy cow what a workout!

The kids did mostly great at the dentist, but I have definitely decided Mr. is taking them from now on, he always does great with them and they never cried. Mini Fox cried a bit, so I had to pretty much hold her down, insert sad face. But good news, no cavities. She loves this giant tiger, she calls it her "good girl" when I told her we were leaving she said, by good girl, be good until I get home.

I thought we were doing good with her sitting on the you see the TV up there? Cool right?

Baby Fox had a friend sleep over last weekend, see Baby Fox's legs up like that? Yep...totally me, Mr. thinks it's super creepy that we can sleep with our legs up like that...

But wait...Mini Fox does it too...haha...three peas in a pod. And can she have any more stuff in her bed? How does she sleep?

Quality pool acrobatics last weekend in the pool.

 I know everyone and their mom has talked about this already, but I just had to mention it, This Is seriously, I can't even. So freakin' good, and I wanted to cry about a bazillion times. I made Mr. watch it with me on Wednesday night, and he said he called that twist ending half way through the show...what?! He does that all the time, smart guy that one. Can't wait to see the second episode...addicted already. OH and can I mention Milo Ventimiglia, freaking amazing actor.

Each month Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls, Meghan from The Adventure Starts Here, Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me, and Whitney from Work it Mommy host a Rewind Friday where we showcase the best of our blog. Today I decided to go with something that I wrote last year, my Summer to Fall Transition: Ankle Booties...I'm still obsessed and I hope that you are too!

Some videos I've been loving lately.

Seriously guys this guy is so talented and then he has his sisters sing with him...what a talented family! Obsessed with this song I tell ya.

And just cause I love it so much, here are the ones with his other sisters.

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