Thursday, September 29, 2016

Monster Wreath

Happy Thursday! I thought since it was Thursday I would do a Throw Back Thursday Post and repost an old post, so all of you new readers can get the awesomeness of this wreath. I am going to change it around a bit, since I've learned a bit since I originally wrote it.

What You'll Need:

Styrofoam Wreath* mine was 16in diameter, but this will work for any size.

Styrofoam Balls, 3-Inch* (mine came in a 6 pack, the ones that came in two were too small) 

White Foam Sheets* I would suggest getting it at Michael's Crafts (found in the kids craft section and are only $0.89 each)

Green Tulle Roll 6 inch 100 Yards*  Since making this tutorial I guess the price of Tulle has gone down? If you can't find 100 yds, then you can do what I did below, go to a fabric store and buy some tulle on a bolt...

Fabric for the bow, I bought a 1/4 yard, but I could have gotten away with just buying an 1/8, if you can do that (it was about $2)


Black paint and paint brush

Glue Gun*

Good Sharp Scissors*
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Step 1 -

Paint the eyeballs. I used some plastic cups to hold them so they wouldn't roll away, I know I'm clever like that.

I painted small-ish circles (I tried making them really big, but it made them look really awkward and strange, good thing I had some extra!)

Step 2 - 

Let's cut the tulle up!

Here it is still on the bolt - rather folded up by the person after I got it from the bolt.

So I took it off the bolt and then started to "roll" it up, I wasn't thinking long term and just randomly started to roll it up, but when I was finished and had cut everything I realized I should have rolled it to the size that I wanted to make it, so I would make the "roll" 12-14", mine ended up being 16" and I had to cut a lot of it away in the middle so you would be able to see the teeth.

Here it is all rolled up, 16" width, but remember you're going to do something shorter 12"-14"

I cut them into 4 even sections and the last section is going to be about half the size of the other sections. The reason being is that tulle comes folded in half on the bolt. So when you cut them into strips, one side is going to have a fold, so when you unfold it, it's going to be the same size as the other strips.

The section on the very right, you can't really tell, is smaller then the other sections.

Okay, now you're going to make your strips, since you've "looped" the fabric, you want to cut both ends to make your strips. So cut both sides as shown below

Here's the stack of tulle strips. At the bottom of this pile, those strips have a fold down them middle.

Step 3 -

Okay, now the "fun" part, if you consider this part fun?

Now you have to tie all of these bad boys to your wreath. I did the square knots (right over left, left over right)

One down, 50 million more to go, okay not really, but you get the point.

You're going to want to line up the knots in the middle like this

To get the fluffy look, every once in a while, you'll want to push the tulle together like this

So that those line of knots go away and it looks like this:

So keep knotting away, and keep pushing it together every once in a while

It's starting to take shape.

So this is where I failed. I did not have nearly enough tulle, but I made it work, I just spread the tool strips out a bit, again I was just eager to get it done and used what I had.  Notice the center of the wreath, it's really cluttered and you wouldn't be able to see the teeth like this.

So I gave it a little trim

Oh that's so much better!

Next for the eyes, insert toothpicks in the wreath and the eyes, I hot glued the eyeballs to the toothpicks. The Styrofoam wreath is pretty dense, so I didn't think they would fall out.

Next up the teeth. You could probably use just 1 foam board, but I didn't want to freak out by not having enough, since they were $0.89 I bought two, but you could definitely do this with just 1 board. Cut the foam board to fit the wreath, cut out your teeth, I just used a triangle pattern. After you cut them out, then hot glue to the wreath.

Almost done!

Now for the bow tie. Cut out two strips, my larger strip was 16" (there's that 16 again) long, and about 2.5"-3" wide (this is up to you), and the smaller strip was about 4" and 0.5" wide.

first you're going to want to fold in thirds, just so that the two ends meet in the middle.

Then we're going to do a fanfold of sorts

After you fold, grab your small strip to wrap around the middle

Glue the center strip together, and here you have your bow!

And now for the finished product! I took this picture at night, so ring you see is the light coming from inside of the house, I couldn't get a picture during the day.

And that my friends is all there is to it! Easy Sunday afternoon project. So get to it and make yourself a monster wreath and make all of your neighbors jealous!

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