Monday, September 26, 2016

Let's Talk: Entertainment

I'm back linking up with Andrea and Erika for Let's Talk, where each month they give us a topic to discuss, this month it's Entertainment as in what books, movies, magazines and blogs we love. So here it goes.

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Okay so let's face it, I haven't been reading that much. The last book I read was Me Before You, which was a great book, I highly recommend it, I missed it at the theater, can't wait for it to come out on video.

Back when I was in high school, my dad would just pass the books he read on to me, he was obsessed with Jack Reacher books, have you heard of them? He is a former MP and trouble always just seems to find him, and he always solves the case. Jack Reacher is huge in my family, one person buys the book and the passes it to all the family member plus some extended family, Mr. joined in on the fun when we met.  Back in the day my dad always told us that these would make fantastic movies, and guess what, 20 years later they finally made it a movie. I guess this last book my parents just gave us is going to be the next Jack Reacher Movie, slated to come out end of October, so we're all trying to read it before it comes out.


So once day I got sucked into watching youtube videos, you know how that is, and suddenly I find myself watching movie trailers, even though I haven't seen Me Before You yet, I know that I love Sam Claflin, so the movie trailer I saw called Love, Rosie. Super Cute, I recently discovered a friend who's wife is obsessed with buying movies, think over 2000 in their collection. So I asked if he had it, and of course he did...yay! They are my new Blockbuster. Anyway, it was a super cute movie and I really liked it, click here* to rent or buy the movie.

Does a series count? Mr. and I just finished watching The Man in the High Castle, it's an Amazon Prime show about what would happen if Germany won the war...super interesting premise. So if you have Amazon Prime movies, check this one out, season 2 comes out mid December, so you have time to catch up!

...ain't no one have time for that...okay I don't....and I have never been one for magazine reading, well when I was 13 I was obbesseed with Teen, but mom and dad didn't particularly like me reading it, so when my subscription ended, so did my love for magazine. Haven't really picked one up since.
Blogs I love:
Of course I love The Blended Blog and everyone that is a contributor. We have collected such a great/diverse group of woman who have interests all over the spectrum. I just love what every single lady brings to the table.
Elizabeth from Chasin' Mason, she is just so down to earth, her son is adorable and his love for post offices is just the cutest, plus she lives in a few cities over from me. One day we're going to meet!
Lindsay from Lindsays Sweet World, although I have not actually met her in person, she just seems like the sweetest person, with a great sense of style and killer interior decorating skills. Can she just be my personal stylist and decorator?
Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls, I was first drawn to her blog because she was taking a picture a week of her girls. I just thought that was so darn sweet, that I just had to keep following her journey. Weird that I remember that and that was why I followed along. But along the way she's becoming a blogging friend, she home schools her girls, which almost makes me want to do it too, but not quite, she seems WAY more patient than me at teaching someone something...anyway, I hope one day I get to meet her in real life.
I could go on forever, but I'll stop at three, anyone that you think I should check out and put in my must read file?
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