Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sentence a Day: August Edition

Hi Foxy Friends, back with another installment of Sentence A Day! Thank you Rebecca for the idea! It's so fun to read about someone's day in just one sentence. Here are my other months.

1 - Perfect day for a swim before dinner.

2 - Allergy shot, no reaction, yay!

3 - Screw it, we're going out to dinner.

4 - Cause a frozen yogurt treat before dinner sounds like a good idea.

5 - I have 4 kids now!

6 - I love celebrating people I love tiny babies.

7 - Mr. needs to be at home, so what else to do but go shopping...or return a good portion of those Nordstrom boxes I got the other day.

8 - Car wouldn't start...not the way I wanted to start my Monday.

9 - Mr. is not a mechanic

10 - Fumigation Prep

11 - Olympics!!!

12 - Big Bear time!

13 - Bestie drinks and dessert, best time ever! Need more of this!

14 - Can go back home 6 hours earlier than we thought, woo hoo!

15 - 8 hour open window for Gas Man to come...come on!

16 - Allergy!

17 - Big girl bed Success

18 - Second to last swim lesson of the season, woo hoo!

19 - Start the day with donuts, end it with ice cream, perfection

20 - 6 mile hike, followed by Mini Fox chipping her tooth, poor girl.

21 - Swimming and Yogurtland we owed the kids from yesterday's ordeal.

22 - Kindergarten assessment, when did this happen?

23 - Dinner at the parents, best hamburger and homemade fries ever.

24 - Ugh, getting sick again...why?!

25 - Girls Night, much needed, and Bad Moms, hilarious!

26 - Baby Fox's Kindergarten orientation, lots of what not to do...what am I SUPPOSE to do?

27 - Watching my niece for the evening, the kids stayed up till MIDNIGHT

28 - Starbucks, park, swimming and BBQing with cousins, best day!

29 - Baby Fox's first day of Kindergarten, so many feels.

30 - My birthday!

31 - Finally hanging pictures!

Did you do a sentence a day? Join in with us next month, today is September 1st! You can start today! It's so fun to look back on the month and remember all that happened. Next link up is October 6th!

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