Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Floral Top + My Own Hair Style

It's our last day of Spring Fever, but don't worry, I'll let you know what the theme for May at the bottom of this post. Plus I am finally remembering to do What's Up Wednesday post with ShayMel and Sheaffer.

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What I'm wearing:
Today is another shirt that has the same pattern as this dress...just like last week, except this time we're doing a blue and flower theme. This shirt is no longer available but they do have the same style in several other patterns.

Okay I admit a took a lot of pictures of this hair style. I have to admit that this is my first real style that I made up all on my own. I initially was trying to copy a YouTube video, which I can't remember which one, and I couldn't do it, so it sort of morphed into this style.

I made three low ponytails, and braided and pancaked them. Then I took the middle braid and maid a low bun with it. Then wrapped the right side braid up around and around the bottom of the braid. Then did the same with the left side braid. This is the look that I was left with.

What we're eating this week:

I'm eating out a lot this week as I am traveling for work. Currently as I write this post I am eating microwave popcorn. I couldn't believe that they had a microwave in my hotel room. I've stayed here several times and I've never had one before. Definitely taking advantage of that.

What I'm reminiscing about:

Meeting up with my Blended Blog friends in Vegas last year, as I went to Vegas this past weekend and was remembering all of the things we did as I passed by it with my family.


What I'm loving:

All things floral. Based off of all of the repeat patterns I've been buying lately.

Find the dress here 

 Find the spaghetti strap dress here.

 What we've been up to:

Visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Vegas.


What I'm dreading:

Being away from my family for 3 more!

What I'm working on:

Trying to learn how to use Heat Transfer Vinyl and make myself a "On Wednesday's We Wear Pink", and then I also have to work on Baby Fox's Minions birthday invitations.

What I'm excited about:

Besides the obvious of coming home, I'm excited to go to an Escape Room for Mom's Night Out. I just hope my claustrophobia doesn't go through the roof...feeling traps already...I'm choking...I can't breathe...AAAAHHHH!!!!!
What I'm watching/reading

What I'm listening to:

I know I'm totally obsessed with them, but I can't help it. They've been releasing a lot of covers lately. And I sort of love that Kirstin went back to brown.

And loving everything this guy sings, he's so talented. Seriously there are so many crazy talented people on YouTube, love that people have a different avenue to get their music and voice out there.

What I'm doing this weekend:

We have soccer and baseball. We have to split up this week, boo. We've been able to swing almost all of the games until this weekend. Mini Fox's game is 30 minutes away from! Since when did we get on a travel team? Then Saturday night we are going to a local high schools Beauty and the Beast. Mini Fox is so excited that we're allowing her to wear her Belle Costume out in public.

What I'm looking forward to next month:

I know you're going to hear this like a million times, but since this is really next month I can scream it from the rooftops, going to see The Blended Blog Ladies in Toronto! Expect a ton of pictures and lots of stories. We'll definitely miss those that can't go, but am looking forward to hugging everyone in person instead of virtually.

What Else Is New:

Not much, my life is an open book and you know everything in it.

Bonus Question - What is your favorite summer shoe/sandal :

I just bought these heels and they are so very comfortable and I debated long and hard whether or not to buy the black ones as well.


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Thank you for continuing to link up with us and making this link up a success! But first, since Spring Fever is ending, you know we had to come up with another theme. The theme for May is going to be Fashion Files! What this means...find a picture of an outfit, find a picture for inspiration, find something and build an outfit around it! That's go to your Pinterest account and actually recreate something! Excited to see what outfits are in your Fashion Files.

P.S. Don't you want that sweater?

 Now link up your fashion posts below and share some of your Spring favorites!

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