Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Baskets

I'm straying from my usual fashion post to bring you all thing Easter basket. But feel free to hop on over to The Blended Blog to add your fashion/beauty posts. Today I'm linking up with some fabulous bloggers and we're all sharing our kids Easter Baskets. The good thing about this, is that it actually got me to finish Easter Basket gathering last weekend, instead of the day thanks Jessica for setting this up!

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I knew that I wanted to have matching baskets for my kids, so I waited until the second was born so I could buy them the same. I didn't want to buy one and then not be able to get a second one to match. Crazy I know. Anyway, I got them at Pottery Barn Kids, this is the basket (except they made it better and it now has a swinging handle) and these are the different liners you can buy for it.

Way back when Baby Fox was celebrating his first Easter, I realized all of the fake green grass was totally plasticy and not nice, so my mom and I searched high and low for the green grass we used to get as kids...and we finally found it at a small boutique near my parents house...and it wasn't for sale, but she sold me some anyway, so we use this every year. I'm crazy.

Truth be told I totally went overboard with the gifts and Mr. told me to rein it in. So I cut back a lot, and only added things that could fit into the basket, which is probably how it should be. The rest that I bought I'm saving for a rainy day.

Let's break down

Baby Fox's basket

Chess/Checkers/Backgammon Game
Chewbaca Pj's (currently on sale)
Who Was Albert Einstein? (on sale for $2.99 - it's a whole series and it looks like they are all on sale!)
Swedish Fish 
Trolls Movie
Sees Candy Milk Chocolate Bunny  
Sees Candy Orange Cream Lollypop 
Sees Candy Butterscotch Lollypop

Things I got but am not going to use:
Rogue One Figures
LEGO Nexo Knights Battle Suit Aaron
LEGO Nexo Knights Battle Suit Axl
LEGO Nexo Knights Battle Suit Clay

Mini Fox's Easter Basket:

Elena of Avalor Night Gown
Frozen Night Gown 
Princess Jasmine Outfit
Who Was Amelia Earhart? (on sale for $2.99 - it's a whole series and it looks like they are all on sale)
Swedish Fish 
Mary Poppins (50th Anniversary Edition)
Sees Candy Milk Chocolate Bunny 
Sees Candy Butterscotch Lollypop 

Things I got but am not going to use:
Princess Tiana Dress 
Princess Rapunzel Dress

Candy I bought to put in the eggs:

Swedish Fish Jelly Beans (Do we see a Swedish Fish obsession going on?)
Mars Candy Assortment 
Sees Candy Jelly Beans 
Sees Candy Sour Bunnies

I typically will buy candy I like, beause we all know that we're the ones that eat it, no way my kids are eating this much sugar, haha! Hence the Sees Candy stuff. Typically my kids are all over the candy for day 1 and 2 and then by the 3rd day they lose interest and never ask for it again. Last Halloween, their candy bags were sitting on our kitchen table for a good 2 weeks before I decided they were over it and threw it all away, not before taking out the good stuff though.

So what did you get your kids for Easter? Do you buy good candy too, so you know you'll like it...or maybe you buy bad stuff so that you won't be tempted to eat it? Either way, can't wait to see what you got your kids! Come back tomorrow where I'm going to be talking Easter traditions.


Join us! Thanks for linking up. If you don't have your baskets ready, don't worry, link will stay open until next Wednesday!

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