Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sentence A Day - March Edition

It's another month and I'm sharing my sentence a day for the month. I just love looking back on these posts and seeing how I was feeling and what was happening that month. It's funny how quickly we forget. Join us next month, we're linking up on May4th! Click here to see all of my past sentence a days. Thank you Rebecca for the idea.

1 - Ash Wednesday again, while traveling for work.

2-  I miss my family.

3-   L.O.N.G.E.S.T day ever, fly home, then have a whole day with kid activities.

4- Baseball, pictures, opening day parade and a 2 hour game, long but fun day.

5- Last minute mommies and kids date with some friends, so much fun. (no picture, does that mean it didn't happen?)

6- So grumpy, I hate that.

7- Parent/Teacher conference today, of course she was all praises.

8- Kids are sick, workout video for me.

9 - Holy crap I forgot PT did I do that?!

10 - T-ball practice, and Ballet all in one day and at the same location, that never happens!

11 - Hardest day EVER with  Baby he tests my limits.

12 - So happy Mr. decided to heat the pool, fun times swimming, I see what our summer is going to be like!

13 - Phew, I remember PT, forgot last Thursday...oops!

14 - Mr.'s Birthday celebration with my parents and sister.

15 - Happy Birthday Mr.!

16 - Physical's working, it's working.

17 - MIL is coming into town, yay!

18 - New phase of life, soccer followed by baseball games on Saturdays.

19 - Got lots of work done around the house, love productive days.

20 - First workout in over 2 weeks, yay!

21 - Yes Sephora box came

22 - Back at R.I.P.P.E.D....felt so good

23 - Play date at the park

24 - Much needed carpet cleaning.

25 -Another date night with friends, so much fun!

26 - Got three videos edited today, productive. They were Kylie Lip Kit Swatches, 2 Ways To Curl Your Hair and A Spring Half Up Do.

27 - Home sick, boo.

28 - So many people at the park, loving this, 5 years ago it was always just us.

29 - More physical therapy.

30 - MNO, Woo hoo, I need this!

31 - Mexican for dinner, yum...needed after a long week.

Join us next month! It's a great way to document life.

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