Monday, April 24, 2017

Favorite Sourthern California Park

Hello foxy friends! I'm back with the California moms talking about our favorite parks.

There are so many parks to go to, but the one my kids repeatedly love to go to is called Dinosaur Park. Here's the story behind the park:

So cool right? They have this big dinosaur at the beginning for the kids to climb on, which gives me heart palpitations but the kids love it. Excuse me while my heart might explode and my palms get sweaty.

The park itself is pretty big, so I'm going to concentrate on the park structure part of the park. It is broken down into three sections.  The first section is on the bottom, and has some sand for the kids to play in and has these turtles that spout water when you click on these buttons off to the side. It's so fun for the kids for those hot summer days.

You can tell that the buttons are well loved.

The second section on the bottom is a smaller playground for the little toddlers in your life. The one thing I don't like about it, the ramp to get to the slide is super steep and has no grip to it, so the newly walking kids (which it's made for) need help getting up.

The top section has a playground for bigger kids and the swings. My kids love playing on this, and that slide over there is actually pretty scary for me, but the kids love it and can go up and down for forever.

The park is a great place to picnic too. The grounds are kept up really nicely, I know a lot of people hold parties on the bench areas and sometimes even rent bounce houses. This is also where Baby Fox plays baseball, there are three fields, one little league field and two bigger kid fields. Plus there is a huge soccer area where several games are played at a time during soccer season. There is always something going on and/or something to watch.

Do you have a go to park in your area? There are so many to choose from around us, they really built this community around parks and bike/jogging paths. When we moved here we had no idea all that existed and we are so glad that we did!

Now go check out some of the other California mom's and see where their favorite parks are!


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