Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorites #111

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! I have today off and a friend from college and her two kids are visiting us right now. I'm so excited to see them, they used to live across the country but recently move to my same state...although still a 6-7 okay 8-9 hour drive with kids and traffic. Okay on to Friday Favorites.

In case you missed it this week...I've actually posted everyday this week, including the weekend, say what?:

Saturday: $200 Amazon giveaway - go enter!
Sunday: My Marriage In Numbers - random facts in numbers about me and Mr. Happy 12 Years to us!
Monday: Spring Time Fun
Tuesday: 14 Karat Cake
Wednesday: Black Floral and My Favorite Hair Products
Thursday: Sentence A Day: March Edition

I'm trying to do a video a week for you guys, this week I took a break on my hair tutorials to give you my favorite hair products. I've gone through a lot to find what works for me. So I'm telling you what they all do and how to use them!


Last Thursday I went to a MNO, and it was wonderful, some girls came that hadn't been able to come in a while.

Yep we stayed so late that we were the only ones left. I just love the lighting in here, so glad that the waiter caught that in the picture.

Sunday was full of baseball and soccer. I think he could be the cutest little catcher.

Saturday night we went out to celebrate Mr. turning 40, my uncle turning 70 and my and Mr.'s 12th wedding anniversary, there was lots to celebrate.

Our view

Yum dinner!

Then they told us they were going to bring out dessert for celebration and then set this down...what the what?

Then this came out, how nice of them to give that to us!

So glad to have such great relatives that go to fancy dinners with us.

And what do you do after you eat a fancy 2 hour dinner? Trader Joe's of course. In case you are wondering the lipstick is the new Velvet Lip Kit from Kylie in Rosie.

Sunday we went to church and then headed to the mall to return some stuff and meet up with friends, while Mr. studied and got some homework done. The kids wanted to get pictures with the Easter Bunny.

While at the store I decided to pick up some real kernals to make some popcorn, I haven't done this...probably since before me and Mr. got married, I was a little rusty...but it turned out great, and it brought back great childhood memories of my mom making a big bowl of popcorn and us with our little plastic bowls going to get more.

Speaking of plastic bowls, those bowls I used to use as a these aren't them, but we still have them, they are currently in the play kitchen.

Linking up with The Blended Blog for some Friday Loves.

Mackensey and Danielle started a new series called Tuesday Outtakes where we get to post all of those pictures that we want to post on the blog and didn't get the time or had to number how many we posted. So here's your chance to do just that! How awesome is that? I missed it this round, but so doing this on May 2nd.

Okay guys do you know Carrie from A Stylish Fit? Yeah...girl has it going on. She's 53, turning 54 in August and this is what she does? I'm super impressed and motivated to do that too.

This year I am trying to branch out and meet more bloggers and join different link ups. I just discovered Anne from  Anne In Residence and she hosts a monthly currently where she gives you the topics to talk about.

I like when people tell me what to do, then I don't have to think as much, just answer questions someone asked me. I can do that. Next month her guest host is Nancy of NY Foodie Family and the questions are:


Some randomness for you. Can I say I have shoe envy of my Mother In Law? If only she were my same size....and lived closer...

From dinner last Saturday, the plate was so hot it was making the food sizzle.

We were in Costco on Sunday and look what we found...yep that's real.

Mr. and I are 4 episodes deep into 13 Reasons Why and so far it's pretty darn good. I highly recommend it, it's on Netflix. I see binge watching the rest of it over the weekend.

Oh my goodness you guys! Can we say make up dream?! I'm not a beauty youtuber or anything, but seriously go to 3:40 in the video for the custom make up drawers. So pretty. Love watching the whole process on how they came up with everything. Perfection, I'm telling you.

PSA, in case you get kidnapped....basically lesson learned here is to always wear shoes with shoelaces.

This couple is too cute, love them and how they can be so silly with each other.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Doing anything fun and exciting?

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