Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Time Fun: April Showers

Hello Foxy Friends! If you're hopping over from Katie from Mishap and Mayhem of Solitary Life, welcome, glad you stopped by. Today the Blended Blog Ladies and I cooked up a fun Spring Time Fun link up to enjoy for the next couple of months, please join in on the fun! Today's topic is April Showers...such a hard topic to talk about, seeing as that it doesn't rain here too often.

But when it does, the kids like to jump in the occasional puddle, sometimes we have to go hunting for them.  And it had just rained, an hour or so before and we had to drive around to find the puddle, apparently the drainage in our backyard is stellar. Good to know.

We wear rain jackets even when it's just sprinkling, with crowns of course.

But the best part? Is seeing views like this while driving. The snow in the background and the hills all nice and green.

I don't own any rain gear per say, and try not to look around either, because you know, then I would want it all and only get to wear it a couple of times of year when it's sprinkling, haha. Although this year we've gotten a lot more rain and I totally didn't feel prepared. What do you do during April showers? Any go to rain gear? Now go check out The Blended Blog and start the loop, and see what the ladies are up to.

Come link up with us for the rest of April and May, here are the topics, now you have no excuse not to participate!

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