Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites #113

Happy Friday Foxy Friends, as you read this we are probably driving to Vegas to visit my brother and my Sister-In-Law. Hopefully there is no traffic and all goes well, fingers crossed! In case you didn't know the drive from where I live to Vegas is full of NOTHING, like desert wasteland...not much to look at. Let's get started with our Friday Favorites:

Did post much this week, just wasn't feeling it, and we had such a busy weekend that there was no time to get anything done ahead of time like there normally is.

Tuesday: What it's like to be adopted
Wednesday: More Spring Floral
Thursday: How to make an Under The Sea Backdrop

I'm also back this week with another hair tutorial. This time I'm showing you how I do my top knot...which I pretty much always reserve for when my hair is really dirty and I probably should have washed it the night before but was too lazy, haha.

I'm joining Desiree, Stefanie, Justine and Whitney for their new link up called A Year Of Color. Each month they want us to showcase the color of the month, however you want to represent that. This month is pastels. I love Spring because the flowers are blooming and the previous owners were obsessed with roses and put every color rose in our garden. I was so sad when we redid our backyard and had to get rid of a bunch, although they tried to keep as many as they could.

This smells so lovely, my allergies don't like it, but my eyes certainly do.

We have some more that weren't quite blooming yet, or they were almost dying so I caught it at the wrong time, but I'm so happy that the former owners took so much time to take care of these gorgeous rose bushes.

We took the kids to the Carlsbad Flower Fields on Saturday and then LEGOLAND, long day, but super fun. Here are some of the pictures, I won't bombard you, even though I want to.

The kids did great...with a lot of fruit snack bribes, each year it seems to get slightly easier...fingers crossed for next year.

I promised myself that I was going to take more pictures at Easter but my cousin was in the hospital so my mom, sister and I went to see her and visit, making us 3 hours late for Easter. But the Mr. brought the kids and they had a blast...I haven't seen any photographic evidence of this though.

We did get this gem of a picture though...I think this might be my only Easter dinner picture, oops!

Perhaps next week I will share some more Easter morning stuff, I'm tired and want to go to bed right now, haha, priorities.

Cutest little baby video...Baby Fox used to do the same thing, it was my favorite part of getting him up in the morning. If you're in a bad mood, just watch this video, you can't not smile.

This is me right now...haha! Anyone else?

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