Wednesday, January 13, 2016

$250 Paypal Cash Giveaway!

An extra post for you ladies! I know, I know who am I? But I thought you would want to know about this right now! How about winning $250 of paypal cash? I know crazy right awesome right?!

It's a New Year and just think of all of the things you could do to get your year started off right.

  • Buy some new clothes
  • Pay off all of those credit cards from Christmas
  • Buy me something amazing! (j/k...sort of)
  • Buy a new blog design
  • Buy some sponsor ads
  • Spend it on the most AWESOME Valentine's date ever

Bottom line...there is so much you can do to get your year started off in the right direction!

What are you waiting for? First step is entering! Good luck friends!

1 | check out all the WONDERFUL women below who brought you this great giveaway! you'll find some new great reads // pinterest boards // instagram accounts // etsy shops...lots of goodies.

2 | get yourself entered below via rafflecopter.

3 | cross your fingers and toes!
jessica | katie
sarah | krista | vicki | hannah | liz
samantha | karli | michelle | danielle | libby
alexis | penny | tawnya | shelly | mae
lauren | jenn | beth | lindsay | jess

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