Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Show and Tell: Momfessional Moments

First: Head on over to The Blended Blog to see my post about what I'm doing new this year, it has to do with my house.

It's another Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea, today's topic - Momfessions (you know confessions we do as a mom), she had this same topic last year, click here to see that post. But it's a new year and you know we all have new confessions to fess up.

We'll start with the picture:

Pacifiers: Yep Mini Fox still has a pacifier. Her top teeth are actually starting to take shape like her pacifier. Yes I know it's bad for her teeth, yes I know we'll need braces (both Mr. and I had braces for several years, there is no escaping genetics), and yes we use the paci as a reward, if she's bad all we have to do is threaten to take away her paci for nap time and she usually shapes up.

As you can see Baby Fox still sucks his fingers and we can't really chop off his fingers...so what are ya going to do? He does suck them WAY less now that he's started preschool but it's his for of comfort, how can we take that away?

Bath Time: Mr. and I let the kids play a little longer in the bath so we can get a few minutes to ourselves. Most times they splash water EVERYWHERE and we keep saying we're going to cut bath time short the next night but we never do.

Gummy Snacks: I tell the kids they can't have gummy snacks at night time (because doc told me that if they eat them in the evening it doesn't have enough time to get off their teeth and most times brushing doesn't get that gummy stuff off), but I will sneak some gummy snacks while cooking dinner and they're busy doing other things.

Nap Time: Updated naptime confession. Baby Fox does not need a nap any more, I repeat Baby Fox does not need a nap any more...this cannot happen! I need that nap time to get stuff done...therefore he still takes a 2 hour nap. Yes he falls asleep and yes sometimes he can't fall asleep at regular bed time. So far he just stays in his room and plays on his bed quietly. Most nights we don't even know he is still awake until we go to bed and he comes out to give us a hug or has to go to the bathroom.

What are your momfessions?!? Please tell me I'm not alone!

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