Monday, January 4, 2016

Best Break Ever!

Hi, Hi! I should have just said I'm taking a break instead of thinking that I was going to blog last week, oops! Sorry about that. We just had the BEST break ever, we are relaxed, slept in till 9am most days and did so many things. In fact I won't even try to show you all of the pictures, but just a few of the highlights. I'm super tired and I'm actually going back into the office starting tomorrow, so hello! So this is going to be short and sweet and I'll be back on Tuesday with my December in Numbers with Deena.

We went to LEGOLAND.

Stayed in the hotel (full review coming soon!) and had a blast!

We had a great Christmas morning.

We had to wake her up...she was slow to wake up
Baby Fox got an iPad for his birthday!

We hosted Christmas for 19 people, and Mini Fox got the stomach flu just as people were ringing the doorbell. But that didn't get us down, we still had a great time celebrating with great friends.

and singing Happy 5th Birthday to this guy!

 I made that cake for him too, looks normal on the outside.

But a party on the inside! Woo hoo, he loved it! Tutorial coming soon!

This girl spent some time being sick.

But got over it in a few days

We got to see some friends

Went to the park a few times

Rounded off with New Years Eve with our favorite Persian food.

And Mr. made some homemade whipped cream

And then they ate ice cream, whipped cream cookie sandwiches.

Then headed to Knott's Berry Farm with some old friends, so much fun!

These two are only 10 days apart and were so cute together.

So much packed into such a short time but it was so much fun! I'm almost ready to go back to work tomorrow! Yikes, speaking of which, I'm not sure my body is going to know what to do when I have to wake up in 7 hours...I should be sleeping. See you tomorrow! Don't forget to link up with me on Wednesday for my 2016 Hair Challenge!

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