Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hair Challenge 2016 Link Up #2

Week 2 of the Hair Challenge! Lots to go over, so let's get to it! 

Last week started off fairly strong, can't say as much for this week, but I'll get back at it...I hope, I just need to figure out one hair style I want to do this week...I can do this! It's only week 3 and I'm already struggling, yikes! Get to it!

Last Tuesday, I curled my hair the night before so I got these pretty curls. I just threw back my hair and called it a day.

Wednesday I had the same curls and tried to do a crisscross half up do, I think it worked out pretty well with this outfit.

I was wearing a cute bow belt, I should have gotten a close up of it.

Last Thursday I did these travel braids, they worked out so well, they will definitely be on repeat and I hope that it just gets easier and quicker to do as I get better at this whole doing my hair thing.

I took the scarf off so you could see the braid better.

Friday was a bit of a fail, but at least I got my hair a little up...haha. I just really liked my outfit that day.

Saturday I was able to sit down and put together a video for you! I did the pull through braid, She did more sections, which I think would look better, next time I'll do more sections, but I was short on time and couldn't really go back and do it over. Oh well next time! I was even able to do an outfit post too! I absolutely LOVE this comfy and stylish. There are some front pockets on it, which you can't really see very well in the photos.

I think having an up hairdo really works with shirts that come up high on your neck. 

Oh and in case you were wondering yep, Mr. took his usual picture as I was going through them.

Too bad the poncho is covering the part that Mr. really likes, haha.

I hope you're looking at this and thinking, yep, I'm going to link up and do my hair next week! Come join me on this journey!

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