Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites #53

I'm copying Beth on her layout for recapping the week...thanks Beth for letting me copy you!

Monday - Weekend recap

And a bonus post, my friend Lisa is starting up a new venture, she's giving you a list of 15 essential wardrobe pieces and then giving you 20 stylish outfits for oly $9.95, what a deal! Come join me and the others, click here for the fun!

online stylist, what to wear winter

Love getting pictures of the kid during work. Mini Fox's face...I die it's so cute.

How strong is this little man.

Me and Baby Fox goofing off while we wait for Mini Fox to wake up from her nap, we sent this to my sister. She sent back and equally funny picture, which I don't think she would want me to show here, haha.

Cute little fox

Remember in my Monday recap, I told you that Mr. and Baby Fox played some laser tag in the park? I forgot that I took some much fun and he can't wait to go back and do it again.

This girl is so funny. We were eating dinner and suddenly she says "I need chocolate in my mouth!" I of course laughed and grabbed the camera to video it. Then she went into an explaination of it will make her feel better. She had been eating pineapple and I cut her off from eating more so it wouldn't upset her stomach...

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