Monday, January 25, 2016

First Sleep Overs

Hello! Today is my short week, so it's definitely a Happy Monday, with no work on Friday we get a 4 day work week, yay!

Friday after bath I asked Mini Fox if she wanted curly hair and she of course said yes. I decided I didn't want to blow dry her hair and then curl it with a curling iron, too much heat, so I decided to try some finger curls held down by bobby pins. She stayed still the entire time and was so excited.

A view from the back, it was hard to get her to stay still for the back picture.

When she came downstairs Baby Fox said let's take a picture together with Mini Fox, then he proceeded to stand in front of her...

But before bed we did a little popcorn and watched part of the first Star Wars

She gobbled it down, in two seconds flat.

Took the bobby pins out and it totally worked! I was super impressed, fell out by the morning, but hey it worked, and I didn't put any product  in her hair, knowing she was going to be going to sleep soon.

Saturday I recorded a day in the life, which is going to be posted with the other The Blended Blog ladies on February 4th, so you'll have to wait for that, but to give some high lights...

I met up with a friend for some spa time (obviously couldn't take pictures inside, haha)

This little guy went to his first sleep over at a friends house. He was so excited and did fantastic! Didn't get any calls and they said he was the perfect "rent-a-kid" doesn't every parent want to hear that.

So while he was there, we sent Mini Fox over to my parents to hang out with my parents and we went on a date.

Sunday, we went to collect Baby Fox and then headed out to the movies with them.

The boys were so cute together, Mini Fox just wanted to join in on the fun.

While everyone else was in the movies, Mini Fox and I went shopping, there is no way Mini Fox would stay still for an entire movie. So I sacrificed and said, I guess I'll go shopping while you guys watch the movie...sacrifices I'm telling you.  So we headed over to the kids play area for a while.

Then we headed to Target and this girl was not sitting every lady like.

Then she really wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel, she was so excited.

Gorgeous views! Just glad that the railing went up so high, made me a little nervous with her in there.

I guess I forgot to take any more pictures, oops. But the kids slept for forever. I had to eventually wake up Baby Fox, and Mini Fox shortly after, but it was a good 2.5 hour nap for both.

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