Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My December in Numbers

 I'm a day late, but today I'm linking up with Deena for her Month in Numbers. See my other monthly numbers posts are here. I just got a new computer for Christmas and so far I'm loving it! Actually this is my first post that I'm writing from it, Mr. just put my December pictures on it, so I could get started. He's in the process of transferring all of my other photos, it's going to take 6.5 hours to transfer everything, that's a crazy amount of photos.

1051 - The number of Spritz cookies I made over the holidays.

20 - The number of allergy shots I got

No she doesn't give me my allergy shots, but she pretends she does, looks like a pro right? I think she's been to one too many appointments with me
 1 - Birthday Tree, Cake and birthday boy

5 - How old Baby Fox just turned, I can't believe he's 5! Where did the time go?

140 - How many Christmas Cards we sent out.

 28 - How many selfies I took...okay that's not true.

I didn't add pictures like this
and this
because it was text messages between friends, and embarrassing, although not enough that I didn't tell you about them.  I told them that that curling wand made my hair look super funky, you can imagine the conversation we were having. Hilarious.
9 - The number of times I went to Physical Therapy.
5 - The number of days this girl spent sick, poor thing, but happy to report she's finally back to normal.
4 - The  number of Carolers that my cousin hired to sing at the cousin party, talk about fancy, and the kids LOVED it!
27 - The number of cousins at the cousin Christmas party. Only 3 were missing, pretty impressive.

 19 - Well technically it was 17.5 since Mr. and I were trading off who got to eat with everyone.
500 - Approximately how many gifts the kids got this year, no joke.
Not Measurable - The amount of fun we had these past few weeks. Such a blast and we're ready to welcome 2016!
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