Thursday, January 21, 2016

Irresistible Me Hair Exensions Review

Happy Thursday! I always feel that after Wednesday the rest of the week flies by, so basically by being Thursday it's practically Friday which means it's the weekend!

Today I'm doing my very first review. I received these hair extensions for my honest opinion. I can't believe that I actually got something to review! I was so stinkin' excited when they came in the mail. I had no idea when they were coming, so when they got here, I was jumping up and down with excitement.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on them...this is box that they came in. In case you didn't know Irresistible Me has a line of clip in extensions that is 100% human remy hair. You can style them just like your own hair, and can be washed just like regular hair.

I ended up getting the Silky Touch Clip-ins, 200 gram Natural Black in 24 inches.

When you open the box the hair is contained in this package. 

Even the bottom of the box was cute.

The test hair came in the small part to the right and then once you figure out if you want to keep the hair, you can break the seal on the left side and get the rest of the hair.

All the hair came wrapped like this:

Once you take the netting off, the hair has a natural wave to it.

Look at how many pieces it comes with! I haven't ever been able to use all of them, my hair is too thin to do that.

Here are some before pictures. I took them really quick before I was leaving for a Christmas party...guess what's on my foot? Yep a boot.

And here are the hair extensions in with just straight hair. I think these would probably look better if I were to straighten my hair with the extensions in with a straightener. Next time I'll have to try that. (Confession: I was feeling self conscious about the whole thing, so ended up taking them off before the party. I was in such a rush that I didn't really know if they looked good, and didn't have time to curl it, so I took them out, chicken right?)

I wore them over the course of a couple of months to really get a feel for it. The first time I really wore them was actually to my friends kid's birthday party. She hardly recognized me from the back when I got there. I was actually wearing my boot when I took these pictures, but I can't find the pictures with the boot in it. Darn it.

Doesn't it look so natural though? You would never guess that it wasn't my real hair.

I've worn them a few times here and there and the more I wear them, the better I feel in them. Most recently I wore them to MNO (Mom's Night Out). All of my friends want some now.

 My conclusion is that I love, love, love them! When I first got them I thought that getting the 24 inches was a mistake and that I should have gone with a shorter size, but as with anything, now that I'm used to wear them out in public, I'm not so afraid of the long length any more. I once was like this with red lipstick, and now I think I own more red lipstick than any other color. You all should get some!

If they are not having a 20% off new customer sale you can use the promocode IrresisitibleSarah for a 10% discount. This code is not affiliated in any way, just trying to get you guys the best deal!

I put together a little video for you guys on how I wear them and put them in. Now go visit Irresistible Me and find the right color and length for you, enjoy!

I do know that they have styling tools, and other hair accessories that you should check out as well. I can't speak from experience, but I can tell you that I've only heard great things. Let me know if you get any and show me your styles...maybe in my hair challenge link up?

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